Our products are meticulously crafted to nourish every cell in your body and brain. Packed with 23 vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids, and omega 3, each meal offers a powerhouse of health benefits.

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GENESIS High-Protein Meal 1kg

GENESIS Multivitamins


GENESIS High-Protein Meal 50 x 50g


GENESIS High-Protein Meal Dual Pouches (35 x 50g & 200ml water)


GENESIS High-Protein Meal 50 x 75g


GENESIS High-Protein Meal 10kg Bulk Bag (200 meals)


GENESIS High-Protein Meal 25kg Bulk Bag (500 meals)


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Product FAQ

Anyone from the age of 1 year old can have GENESIS as a meal or a smoothie.

GENESIS is suitable for kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

GENESIS is one of the most convenient meals on the planet.

All you need is your desired amount of water or milk to enjoy GENESIS as a meal or a shake to your ideal consistency. GENESIS is instantly prepared and does not require prior preparation.

Ready in 20 seconds.

GENESIS has 7g of sugar per 50g portion.

Despite this, GENESIS is suitable for diabetics, as the sugar is trapped and forms part of a complex meal.

GENESIS contains complex carbohydrates, fibre, protein and fat, all of which slows down the absorption of the sugar.

GENESIS is a low-GI meal, meaning a 50g portion is suitable for people who are living with diabetes.

For more information on GENESIS for diabetics, feel free to contact our in-house dietitian at

GENESIS can be eaten as a porridge, meal or consumed as a shake or smoothie.

For further information on all the ways you can prepare GENESIS, have a look at our delicious and highly nutritious recipes that are easy to make and can be shared with the whole family here.

GENESIS has all 13 vitamins known to science.

Every 100g of GENESIS provides you with a 100% of your daily vitamin requirements.

Health has truly never been this easy! It’s like taking a multivitamin every time you have a GENESIS meal or shake.

GENESIS is a high-protein and high-energy meal.

In fact, GENESIS is perfectly balanced with the perfect amount of protein, Low-GI carbohydrates and healthy fat.

For a food to be declared high-protein it needs to contain at least 10g of protein per 100g portion. GENESIS is nearly double that at 18g of protein per 100g serving.

GENESIS is therefore a high-protein meal but it is also a perfectly balanced meal.

GENESIS is highly convenient, as you can mix it with water, milk, yoghurt, maas or juice.

Feel free to check out our amazing GENESIS recipes here.

GENESIS is gluten-, wheat-, and lactose-free.

It is also free of other common occurring allergens such as fish, nuts and eggs.

For further information on our allergen declaration, please contact our dietitian at

GENESIS meals have a shelf life of 9 months from the date of manufacturing.

The date of manufacturing can be found on the product packaging.

We have some excellent recipes available here.

Form cookies to bread to gluten free flapjacks and lots more, our GENESIS is a perfect ingredient with unmatched versatility.

Client Testimonials

Discover how our products have improved lives, all through the voices of those who matter most—our customers.

"I started using the dual pack in November 2018 as a lunch meal replacement and am really impressed with the results. My energy levels are higher than before and I do not need to eat "stuff" in between because I feel hungry. I use 2 injections per month for medical conditions and the side effect was that 2 weeks per month I had red spots in my throat. Since using the GENESIS meal replacement these spots have not made a return appearance!"
Hennie Mouton
"It is a great pleasure to support you. I believe in your products and really thank God that you took the time to develop it. For the time where I wasn't using GENESIS nutrition, I experienced more inflammation than normal. I used to suffer from lupus/arthritis but no longer have it since last year. This is by the miracle work of God and also through Him leading me to a gut healthy diet which contains mainly probiotics and prebiotics (where GENESIS fits in)."
This is a short testimonial! Our School, Tyger Valley College, in partnership with the Izzi Trust are part of a feeding programme that provides food for children who get a meal at school every day during term time but in the holidays have little access to food. These packs allow us to provide kids with nutritionally complete and balanced food for the holidays and nourishing the kid’s bodies. The dual pouch is a excellent product and I can highly recommend it.
Tyger Valley College


GENESIS is a pioneering nutritional brand committed to transforming lives by providing highly nutritious and affordable meals. With a diverse range of locally sourced ingredients, GENESIS offers a powerful solution to combat hunger and promote better health for all.

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